Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Amelia Lynn Gregory

Talk about a GORGEOUS baby. Will needs to go ahead and buy a gun to fight the boys off. She is three weeks old in these pictures, and since it was freezing outside, I asked them to meet me at the art museum inside. I love the natural light and the big white chairs. She loved laying on her belly and was perfect....a natural model already. Amy's mom made an adorable bow and tag that says "From God". A sweet baby like Amelia really is a gift from Heaven. Her skin is the prettiest skin I have ever seen on a baby. I'm obsessed with her big dark eyelashes...they are amazing. I also just love the little crease under her bottom lip. If you can't tell already....I wanted to take her home. Thanks Amy and Will for letting me take her very first photoshoot! Congratulations on a beautiful family!

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Ashlyn said...

Am,these pictures are soooo good!